Preventing Child Sex Slavery

Leading men who are addicted or heavily involved with pornography to freedom is crucial in our time.  It takes on added weight when you understand the connection between pornography consumption and child sex slavery and exploitation. When you watch porn, that is somebody’s daughter. You are exploiting somebody’s daughter for sexual purposes.

i recently met Rob Morris, the president and co-founder of, an organization that has dedicated itself to the mission of ending this despicable practice throughout the world.  He was passionate and engaging, and was all too glad to know that Intentional Warriors existed, doing the preventive work of reducing the demand for sex slavery by leading men out of the world of pornography.

One lie — among so many tied to pornography — is that no one is really affected by my private viewing of porn.  Aside from the utter falseness of that line of thinking in simple terms, it is also an inescapable reality that consumption of porn throws gasoline one the already raging inferno of our hyper-sexualized culture and creates a demand for more varieties of sexual acting out — among them, child sex slavery.

Most men never make those connections.  They live under the illusion that there couldn’t possibly be any connection.

Porn consumption creates an insatiable thirst. And our niche marketing age provides any option of sexual experience. Pornography inflames lust and consumers of it become willing to take more and more risks to be “satisfied” sexually.  The type of porn or sexual experience that gave you a high last year now doesn’t come through for you, so you have to push the envelope; getting ever closer to the edge of what a civilized person would do.  Ever closer to the edge of what you even thought you’d be capable of.

This is what makes child sex slavery possible in the first place. It must stop.

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