Love And Lust

Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, preached an amazing sermon on the crucial differences between love and lust. i hardly say things like this but here goes: Everybody — especially people who consider themselves followers of Jesus — should hear Keller’s talk.

You can listen right now, Love and Lust

In examining Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount regarding adultery, Keller succinctly explained the way in which a Biblical view of sexuality is radically better than the attitude held in our current culture.

As a former porn addict, i can say that men who get snared by pornography, lust and masturbation have clearly bought the lie perpetrated by our society. But it is not just the addicts who have been taken in.  Many Christians who are not addicts still fall prey to very worldly views of sexuality.  The result is that consumerism takes over our understanding of what sex is and what fulfillment means.

When we adopt the attitude that sex is a commodity and we are consumers, no one is secure.  Everyone will always be looking for a better deal. We will look for a variety that meets our needs, regardless of who that affects. And over time we destroy the ability of sex to be special in any way, to say nothing of annihilating is sacredness and its unique power to bond a husband and wife to each other.


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