The Demand For Sex Trafficking

i just finished watching 10 Seconds, a short film about the demand for sex trafficking.

This is not a documentary, it’s a drama that depicts, and connects, two realities:  Sexual addiction and sex trafficking. i am well acquainted with with this subject matter but the film made me uncomfortable.

And rightly so.

The connection between the main character’s sexual addiction and the intersection it has with the world of human sex trafficking is the sort of connection that is happening all across the globe, every single day.

As a former addict, i related to every experience the main character was having — except for visiting a brothel — and the emotions involved.  And the real life consequences of the main character’s actions were the sort of thing that happens to real life sex addicts all the time.

Watch the film. Then, if you are a man who struggles with porn, realize that you contribute to the demand for sex trafficking. And get my book: Intentional Warriors: Fighting for Purity and Freedom in a Sexually Saturated Society.


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