50 Shades Of Ridiculous

American University is apparently all set to award college credit for reading 50 Shades of Grey.


According to the story in the Daily Beast, professor Stef Woods says the books are culturally relevant and studying them will help students understand gender, sexuality and healthy relationships.

One commenter who even likes the books, still had the intellectual honesty to know that this is a ridiculous maneuver.

Transformed American culture?  Is this woman kidding?  This is an enormously popular and lurid series that is fan fiction and reads like it.  It’s fun, even great fun.  It’s not literature, not “culturally transforming” and, being fiction, isn’t a case study.  Does this lady even know what a case study is?  The books are great for a beach read but they don’t belong in college and apparently, neither does Stef Woods.  It is a sure-fire way to pack a classroom though.  I’ll give her that.  Not that I think it’s a cynical move on her part or anything.

While i don’t agree with the commenter that the books are “great fun,” i have to say the rest of the sentiment is spot on.  The lies we will tell ourselves are interesting, though.  Let’s call 50 Shades literature. Let’s say it’s a case study in relationships and sexuality. Let’s say it’s a good way to learn about pop culture and social media.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t be long before some sort of college credit will be available to students who watch porn regularly. Based on the criteria which was used in making the decision on 50 Shades, porn lovers certainly have a good case.

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