Admitting Your Sin Is Hard

One of the things every addict must do in overcoming pornography is something we at Intentional Warriors call “Coming Clean.”  i write about in the book Intentional Warriors:  Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society.

There is no way to be free of the pull of pornography or lust or masturbation without bringing the behavior and the desire for the behavior into the light.  This is brutally hard, but essential.

The difficulty of coming clean in general is being played out in the public on an international level as Lance Armstrong considers, according to the New York Times, whether he should admit to doping during his years competing in the Tour de France.  The unusual aspect of Armstrong’s situation is that there really isn’t any doubt that be took performance enhancing drugs and thus violated the terms of conditions of his sport.


Nevertheless, admitting he was wrong and that he lied about it, are still not easy.  Add into the mix the reality that there are complicated legal ramifications involved in the situation, and it gets even stickier.

i sympathize with the struggle to be honest.  As a fallen man who still sins, it’s tough to be fully honest about my life and my desires.

And yet, true freedom is unattainable without “Coming Clean.”  As long as what is shameful is hidden away in the darkness of deception, it thrives. My sin controlled me in the years i was living a double life. It’s power only started to lessen when i confessed it all.

Until i came clean i was a poser; i was a pretender; i looked every bit like an admirable Christian leader worthy of highest respect.  Similarly, Armstrong has struck a pose for the world which was hopeful, positive and inspiring.

The pain of all those facades crumbling to the ground is overwhelming. But as one who has had his facades totally dismantled and exposed i can say Life and Freedom are waiting on the other side of Coming Clean.



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