Pornification Is Destroying Us

The time of blissful ignorance is long past — or should be — by those who want to say that pornography has not infected our world for the worse.

When Hugh Hefner calls his magazine merely “Entertainment For Men,” and tries to pass himself off as nothing more than a nice guy who believes all the romantic songs about love he heard growing up, any alert person should be able to tell it’s utter nonsense.

What was once shocking: Playboy magazine, is now seen as tame in our society.  And in our youth, the results are especially disturbing.


In the British newspaper The Telegraph there was recently this article about how our daughters are abused by a culture of porn.  In the story, the writer notes that in British schools, girls ages 13 and 14 are already feeling pressured to perform sex acts with boys and groom themselves so that their pubic hair looks that that of porn stars that the boys are watching.  One girl, 13, jumped to her death when her plea that a boy who had recorded her performing a sex act was ignored.

But it’s not just our daughters that are abused by porn culture.  And indeed, there is a porn culture which is continually gaining ground in business, entertainment and other products such as perfumes and fragrances.

Boys are not immune to the destruction porn brings.  i know from first-hand experience. You can read more about it here.

When it comes to porn, everybody loses. Even the producers and performers who get rich from the porn industry are destroyed at the level of the soul, according to former performers such as Shelley Lubben and Diana. Sometimes the destruction is literal.

It should break any person’s heart, whether they have a daughter or not, to think that a girl of 14 feels she has no choice other than to perform sex acts on boys in her school because that’s what the culture demands of her.

5 Responses to “Pornification Is Destroying Us”

  1. Michelle Thomson

    Totally agree! This is a problem spreading throughout the world. It is as big an issue in Australia as it is in America. The solution must be a world wide approach.

    • james tarring cordrey

      agree. a worldwide approach. fortunately, the power for transformation of our hearts is available to everyone everywhere, regardless of what country we live in. thanks for reading. thanks for being an ally.

  2. Noelia

    I can’t believe how society can be agree to keep putting in movies, TV, internet sites like pirate bay who promote pornography and all kind of banners relate to that plus illegal download movies. Is so difficult to keep away our husbands away from the internet, a lot of men doesn’t go away to sleep at night just to wait until everyone is sleeping to watch all kind of stuff,

  3. Noelia

    Is not enough just talking about it, we need action, a real action all over the communication and promotion public ways to interact with people, this is not stopping, it’s just growing, is horrible have all this kind of situations happens and nothing to do, because who will listen? Who will care? Who will be with us on this? They just care about business, money and pleasures, is horrible.


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