Raising Rebels

i came across a great, short post from Rob Morris of Love146 on that group’s blog in which he talks about why he is training his children to be rebels. Hint:  it’s tied to the Super Bowl and pop culture.


i had the pleasure of meeting Rob last fall when he visited my church and spoke about the great work Love146 is doing to end child sex trafficking. It’s impossible to hear him speak or be in a conversation with him for 5 minutes and not feel completely energized and motivated.

i love his heart.

We live in an age that really needs good rebels.  Not the kind who, full of pride and arrogance, think they are doing something cool by resisting every authority figure and structure they meet.  But the kind who know that this world’s value system and the things it promotes as important need to be dismantled.   Rebels who will act with fierce love; intense purpose; and Kingdom power to usher in goodness, truth, honor, dignity, and the abundant life of God.

Rebels who will say:”no child should be sold for sexual purposes. Ever.” Moreover, rebels who will say: “Sex is not a commodity, whatever the age of the participants.”

It takes rebels to break the cycle i talked about in Groundhog Day.

And you can get started by reading Intentional Warriors:  Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society.

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