“Porn is attractive because sexuality is attractive. Porn has power because sex is powerful and we are deeply sexual beings”.

Respectfully, I disagree. Yes, we are deeply sexual beings. But sexuality is very powerfully shaped by societal messages. When certain ideas are sold over and over again as “sexy”, why is it any surprise that such ideas are eroticised for us? (For example male dominance and female submission which is so often cited as something “natural”, and yet given the vast differences in the way sexuality manifests in different cultures, how do we honestly know to what degree our behaviour and desires are natural, and to what degree culturally shaped?).

I think that’s a really important point to make. Because, actually, the reason porn is so powerful is because it is both born out of dominant cultural messages about sexuality, and because it also reinforces them. People who criticise or object to porn are often accused of “demonising male sexuality” – this is patently false. Porn does not reflect healthy male sexuality, but instead reflects the destructive cultural messages that can besiege it. And if more men (and women) had a better understanding of why they felt so vulnerable to them, maybe that could help them.

“Zero interest” may or may not be overstating it, but until we actually live in a culture that promotes ideas about sex and sexuality in a healthy way, which genuinely respects everybody’s fundamental humanity and human spirit, how will we know?

I’m really sorry if you think I’m being pedantic about this one, but I truly feel it’s important to name the agent in order to achieve the root level change needed. The problem is much bigger than Beyonce and others like her. They reflect (and continue to promote) the problem, but are not the source of it.