Death By Subtle Erosion

Porn to Purity had this very helpful post recently about the 6 types of erosion that addicts can’t see.

Like most forms of erosion, the process is gradual and not immediately recognizable. Some of the types listed that really spoke to me were: erosion of spiritual life, erosion of authenticity and erosion of relationships.

To me these are serious hazards — among others — that can be well attended when you are in a brotherhood of men who fighting for purity and freedom together and they practice true disclosure and honesty.

The erosion of authenticity is particularly important because we need to tear down facades and pretense in order to ever see true growth and healing.  Sin thrives in isolation and darkness; in the secrecy that we all learn to practice to hide our behavior.

Authenticity is the purposeful removal of our respective “fig leaves.”  The Enemy cannot stand to be exposed and the power of his lies withers when we shine the light on the deception he is spinning.  Likewise, in our own lives, healing and wholeness; holiness and purity are all ushered in when we take the courageous step of authenticity.

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