imgres-2#1 Porn Makes Sex Our Savior
John 3:16-17  tells us that God sent his only Son Jesus into the world to save the world. He is the savior of all mankind. Pornographers inform the culture, and would have us all believe that sex is the new savior of mankind. That while the gospel is good sex is better. Indeed sex is good, and a gift from God, but it was never intended to save us. Sex through pornography “saves” you from feeling powerless, vulnerable, or even impotent. It saves us temporarily from loneliness, rejection, and hopelessness. It can even make us feel worthwhile, valued, and excited. But it can never save us ultimately. Though pornography masquerades as if it can save it is eventually unmasked as woefully insufficient to either satisfy us or save us.

#2 Porn Demands A Performance
Pornography is meant to arouse. It has an end in mind and that is the high of orgasm…

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