Spain: Real Men Needed

The New York Times ran a story on sex trafficking in Spain, which included this statement:

One study cited by a 2009 United Nations report said that 39 percent of Spanish men admitted having visited a prostitute at least once. It is widely accepted here for business meetings to end in dinner and a visit to a brothel.

That’s one idea of manhood. At least one visit to a prostitute for more than 1 out of every 3 men in the country. At least one visit.

The story also said at almost all the prostitutes in Spain are not Spanish.  If there is a poster-child for the argument that men control demand for sex trafficking and their refusal to buy it would result in the industry’s collapse, the Spanish male is it.

i wonder what the connection is between the failing Spanish economy and the fact that it is common practice for business meetings to end with a visit to a brothel.

Spain seems a perfect candidate for Redemptive Trafficking:  importing real men into the country who can protect women and stand of from something legitimate, rather than their adolescent sexual cravings.

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