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A reader comments:

Rihanna is no different from those that were enslaved to sexual addiction/sexual purity struggles. The only difference is that we have stepped out of the denial.

This is partly true, and partly untrue.

On one hand, yes. Rihanna is no different from any of us; no worse certainly. And the point of the article, as well as my posting related to it, were not done with an attitude of being better than her. She gives every appearance of being enslaved to sexual addiction. And many of us know exactly what that is like.

One the other hand, Rihanna is different. But not different as in “worse.”  Merely different.

Wittingly or unwittingly she propels the growth of, and profits from, the promotion of porn culture.  She acts out sexually in a way that, if i were to do it publicly as she does, i would be arrested. And rightfully so.

Again, this doesn’t make her worse than anyone else.  She becomes more rich and more famous as she acts out sexually, which exacerbates the pornification of our culture.

If anything, it makes Rihanna — and other pop culture icons —worthy of sympathy and compassion.  i know my own personal tragedy related to porn addiction, i would hate to have had that played out in the public eye as happens for many stars.

It does raise an interesting point though.  The far-reaching devastation of a hypersexualized culture, as all nooks and crannies of public entertainment are polluted, is truly unfathomable.



2 Responses to “Pop Culture Reply”

  1. Castimonia

    The problem, as I see it, is not Rihanna’s “acting out” either publicly or privately, it is the public (or society’s) acceptance of it and allowing it to continue in the name of “music and art.” Keep in mind, Rihanna is a very broken individual and as long as you are clear (and you were) to not claim we are of higher morality or less sinful, then it is an acceptable assessment.

  2. james tarring cordrey

    i am glad you could tell i was not claiming superiority in my post. you’re right with regard to the fact that society’s acceptance of porn and porn-influenced behavior is a huge problem which perpetrates Rihanna’s — and others’ — acting out. i do keep in mind that Rihanna (like all of us) is a broken individual. i have a lot of grace for Rihanna and all who are clearly caught in a world that is so dark and twisted. at some level, however, personal responsibility is worthy of discussion, and having that discussion does not make a person guilty of claiming moral superiority.


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