Don’t Try This Alone

Among the four keys, the essentials, that all men need if they are going to overcome porn addiction is a Real Brotherhood.

Real Brotherhood is a group of men who are truly committed to each other as it relates to encouragement and accountability on the journey to freedom.  They are the men with whom you share your deep stuff; your darkest sinful thoughts; and you receive from them truth and power as they minister to you.

So many times men resist submitting to that sort of community.  As men, vulnerability in general freaks us out so opening up to a group of other men about the shameful things inside us really paralyzes us.  It causes us to run in the opposite direction as fast as we possibly can.

The problem is, however, there is no way to do This alone. By This i mean both life in general, and the journey to purity and freedom in particular.  The rugged individualistic tendency men have in common resists so strongly the willingness to be part of a Real Brotherhood and yet, we are hopeless without a brotherhood.

We would never dare think of heading into a daunting conflict without comrades by our side. So why do we think this conflict is any different?

No man heads off to war as an army unto himself.  And yet we so often act as though, when it comes to battling porn and lust, we are totally fine to fly solo.

The Enemy loves picking off Lone Rangers like a sniper on a rooftop. Don’t try this alone.

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