The UK’s Masculinity Crisis

According to a report in the Guardian, Labour MP Diane Abbott is preparing remarks to be delivered tomorrow in which she will say Britain is facing a “crisis of masculinity,” as  rapid economic change warps male identity and encourages machismo and misogyny. Abbott also is expected to links the crisis, in part, to pornography.

Pornography has also had a damaging affect upon men, the Guardian claims Abbott will say, fueling the growth of a “Viagra and Jack Daniels” culture.

Growing numbers of men of all ages [are] turning to the drug by themselves due to performance anxiety, triggered by a host of psychological issues – from our increasingly pornified culture making ‘normal’ sex seem boring, to financial pressures, the Guardian reports Abbott plans to say. It may be a secret, psychological crutch for some men, who are under pressure to meet a pornified expectation, she is expected to add.

Where porn is present, authentic masculinity is absent.

A pornified male population will be a warped group.  They will gravitate towards machismo and misogyny because those are ways that the male identity crisis manifests itself.  Men — or more appropriately, not-quite-men — will look to machismo as a way to demonstrate to themselves and others that they are real men.  And not-quite-men will always mistreat women because only an authentic man really knows how to relate to women in a healthy way — whether that’s in a romantic relationship or in an interaction that has no romantic element.

A woman knows that even when she is dealing with a co-worker or a casual acquaintance insecure and unhealthy men can still exhibit horrendous misogyny.

Porn will always fuel this sort of identity crisis in men, and from my limited knowledge of current UK culture, there’s a lot of porn to be had — at younger and younger ages, too. Not-quite-men who are into porn will be perpetually confused about how to be a man and how to treat a woman because they are filling their thoughts with lies about the real nature and heart of what is means to be a man.

They are also  getting misinformation about who women are.

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