People Are Strange

PureHope had a great post today about the strangeness of acting out sexually with porn, strip clubs, prostitutes or even “just” an active fantasy life.

Read it here.

One of PureHope’s salient points:

Whether it is through pornography, strip clubs, prostitution, erotic massages, infidelity at work, on the road, in the neighborhood, or simply a self-indulgent fantasy life, too many Christian men and women are “casting their pearls” before strangers and being trampled in turn (Matthew 7:6).

Our willingness to share ourselves sexually with anonymous, in some cases faceless, others is actually absurd. Moreover, it will always hurt us to do so.

PureHope’s advice:

How to guard against the temptations of the “stranger”?  Exhilaration, of the healthy sort.  The exhortation to be “exhilarated always” with spousal love (Proverbs 5:19) means more than just the occasional date night or shoulder rub; it means a tenacious pursuit of each other as you courageously open your whole hearts to each other and God.

This is another example of how for men who are serious about dealing with their porn addiction and the issues that lie beneath the surface and fuel the behavior, it is absolutely crucial that we go beyond simply not looking at porn or masturbating to lustful fantasies.

We must pursue what is good, right, true, noble and pure. For those of us who are married, we must intentionally pursue our wives with passion.

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