The Student Conversation

Nothing has the potential to bring a chill over a room of high school students at church quite like saying: “Today we are going to talk about pornography.”

And yet, whatever chill there was; whatever awkwardness was present; whatever the level of initial discomfort, God lead us through a very profitable time Sunday.

Just the fact that i was there addressing the hazards of pornography and the hope of legitimate freedom was a great start.  These sorts of talks and subsequent discussions were simply not done in my day — at least in the church culture i grew up in.

What a blessing it was to tell some of the story of my addiction. And even better to be able to tell the story of freedom and redemption:  my life rescued.

i used the illustration of throwing a rock into a lake and the ripple effect that it creates to depict what we were actually doing.  We were starting a conversation that would send out wave after wave of healing and help to high school students for years to come. And it was really encouraging to hear that idea reiterated by the leadership of the youth ministry.

We need to create safe places for students to ask questions; to confess sin and struggle; and — ultimately — to grow in strength and freedom.

When you are a high school student full of sexual energy and curiosity, it tough to believe that porn is actually tremendously harmful. But it is poison to your soul. And no matter how captivating porn may be, it always dissatisfies in the end and cannot keep its promises.  God has life to the full and when that captivates your heart, you see porn for what it is:  a horrible lie that hurts everybody.

Tonight there are many high school students who have been introduced to the idea that porn has nothing to offer them and for those who are stuck in it, real change is really possible.

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