Pinterest Pornification

It’s official policy now:  Nude pictures are acceptable on Pinterest.

While various pinners had been sneaking them in before, they will have the full blessing of the platform now, which means porn will flourish on Pinterest.

The official announcement was reported in the Financial Times here.

The official statement is that Pinterest is responding to negative reaction it received regarding its previous ban on nude photos being pinned.  Now Pinterest says it recognizes that artists and photographers should have the right to pin nude photos because of their artistic merit.

The real meaning of this is clear:  boards featuring celebrities, fashion, fitness and photography, will be full of porn.  And i would not be surprised to see, in the not-too-distant future, a board category for pornography.

What is there to actually prevent that?

As a result, Pinterest will become a web juggernaut.  Designers and decorators — who already love the site — will continue to make it a huge success.   Pornographers will now love the site also and bring in a huge sector of web users who probably weren’t as keen on the site as they will be now.

2 Responses to “Pinterest Pornification”

  1. rainlee108

    Thank you for this upsetting information. As someone married to a person with a sex addiction (who happens to work in IT and so is involved with computers all day long), the extreme nature and ease of access to porn these days is something that I have to fight worrying about. I cannot control it. Fact is, it is like a drug. The chemical reactions that take place in the pleasure centers of our brains when we view porn are highly addictive…and big companies know this…and they don’t care. Much like with any other addictive substances. I suppose they think that “they” are not at fault, because it is never ‘their” intention that any of these substances or mediums be misused. But the fact is, they are. And we are left to deal with this on our own. While they keep making money. Ugh.


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