D Day And The Day After

Yesterday marked the 69th anniversary of the D Day invasion that changed the course of World War 2. On June 6, 1944, allied troops stormed the beach in Normandy, France and so began a long journey that result in the liberation of Europe.

The cost, in terms of lives lost, was immense.  And yet, the invasion was essential for victory in Europe.

The opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan depict the intensity, the pain, the fear and the struggle involved in taking that beach. It is imperative that all who cherish freedom never forget D Day.

In our fight against lust and porn addiction, men need a D Day of their own. They need to mount an assault on the beach that the Enemy occupies.  We are, after all, Warriors _ made in the image of our God who calls Himself a Warrior (Exodus 15:3).

It’s so easy to think of our struggle against lust and porn as something other than a battle of life and death requiring us to fight, at great cost, for our freedom.  It’s so easy to think that _ even now as you read this _ i am being melodramatic, or over the top as i describe what is at stake.

Throughout scripture we are reminded again and again that we live between two kingdoms in conflict: the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light.  Satan has set out to make war against God and those who bear His image, Revelation tells us, and the rest of scripture bears this out.

It is understood by Jesus and the New Testament writers that spiritual warfare is real and that we have a role to play in the fight.

The thing that’s interesting about D Day is that after the beachhead invasion on June 6, the soldiers who survived that bloody day woke up to June 7, 1944. There was, for many soldiers, a day after the invasion.

For us, as Intentional Warriors who fight for purity and freedom, there is a need for the invasion, and a need to keep the fight going the day after the invasion.

Today is another day to put on the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) and fight for all that our King values. You can start with the Daily Prayer. You can read Intentional Warriors: Fighting for Purity and Freedom in a Sexually Saturated Society.

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