To End Sex Trafficking, Men Will Need To Recover Their Voices

By far, the most hits on this site in the history of this site came as a result of my post titled Sex Trafficker? Me?, which ran recently.

Something in that post resonated with people. Could it be that we are becoming more willing to admit the connection between pornography and sex slavery? The really interesting thing would be to know how many of the readers of that post were men and how many were women.

My guess is that more women than men read that post, but it would be great if it were the other way round.

There is no question that in a pornified world it will always be a tough sell to get people — particularly men — to consider that what they do in the privacy of their own smart phones or computers is fueling the horrendous abuse known as sexual slavery.

But we will keep saying it.

If we are going to say it, we will need allies.  That’s why last night’s gathering of men was a breath of fresh air. i sat at a table with three other men who get it; they know that porn fuels sex trafficking and they want to start reaching other men with this message. i am really looking forward to how this collaboration will come together.

Men supply the clientele for sex slavery, so if we are really going to End It, we must stop the demand for it.  And that means that real men will need to recover their voices and speak; they will need to tell other men — many of whom are adolescents trapped in men’s bodies — that real men don’t buy sex. They will need to tell their brothers, cousins, uncles, friends and co-workers that not only do  you NOT buy sex, you don’t buy it with young girls, which is the case in most sex trafficking scenarios.

Men, let’s recover our voices.

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