Breaking Free, the blog of Covenant Eyes, had this piece recently about why Christians are not practicing Biblical accountability.

Covenant Eyes, quoting a study the Barna Research Group, offers 10 reasons why accountability is a lost art.

Among the many reasons is this:  The lack of discipleship.

Accountability is a natural aspect of a true discipleship relationship. But, if a church isn’t in the practice of developing disciples, accountability will easily get pushed to the margins, and then — before long — Christians will simply stop having the sorts of conversations necessary to foster healthy, Biblical accountability.

In that environment, porn addiction — along with many other types of sin — will flourish.

The problem of porn addiction among Christians is too serious for us to be shooting ourselves in the foot. We need to make sure the art of accountability is not lost.

4 Responses to “Accountability?!?”

    • james tarring cordrey

      Bryan, thanks for reading. i think one of the most difficult things in this journey is having authentic and meaningful accountability. it requires a high level of commitment by all persons who are a part of it. and that high level of commitment has to be maintained consistently. it can get tiring.

      • Bryan

        Accountability in my experience starts off strong and then fizzles. It is sometimes difficult to keep it going.

      • james tarring cordrey

        true. very true. i hope you have finding better accountability these days.

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