Coming Alive

One of the realizations many men have when they start breaking the cycle of porn indulgence is the fact that they start to “come alive.”

That is to say:  they come to understand that for a long time they have been held by the “evil enchantment of worldliness” — to quote C.S. Lewis.

There is a hypnotic effect that the world has on us, seducing us with offers of comfort and distracting us with carious activities which — in and of themselves — may not be all that bad. Entertainment and leisure have their places in our lives, but they can easily become our highest pursuits.

And if innocent things can be a cause for concern because they have the potential to obscure our sense of God — to quote Susanna Wesley — then all the more we must be concerned about the seduction of pornography.

Aside from the initial fact that by definition pornography is sin, thereby making it clearly not innocent; the greater tragedy is the fact that pornography always hijacks our hearts and poisons us at the core of our being.

It is crucial for the porn addict — or even the man who would insist that he is not an addict, merely a somewhat frequent user — to come Alive from within as God restores his heart.  Throughout scripture we see God pursuing the hearts of His people. He wants us to worship Him with all of our hearts. He wants from us true and deep devotion at the heart level.

Moreover, Coming Alive from deep within is the only way a man really ever changes from porn user to free man.

We must cling to the truth that in Christ all will be made Alive (1 Corinthians 15:20-22).  The promise we have is that Christ makes us Alive because He has conquered death. Therefore, we must learn to find our life in Christ instead of in pornography.

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