A Lot Like Lamar Odom

The news reports say that basketball player and husband of Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, has checked out of drug rehab just one day after checking in.

i don’t pretend to know the many issues and troubles of Lamar Odom’s life, and i sincerely hope he gets all the help he needs.

i do know that many of us are a lot like Lamar Odom, especially men who are deep in a porn addiction.

It is so common for a man who knows he has a problem with porn; a man who is clearly in serious danger of self-destruction, to play at rehab.  i know, because i’ve been there.

And i have, sadly, worked with quite a few men who take a couple steps and then bail out on the healing and recovery process.

Pride and selfishness are stubborn and when they die it is a slow and ugly process. One day in rehab simply doesn’t do it.

But we are so enamored with a quick fix. Less pain, please.

i remember what that was like when i was deep in my addiction. But i was forced to submit to the process of healing, which started with brutal honesty and taking responsibility for my sin. From there it was a slow and deliberate journey.

The great news is that submitting to the process and taking the slow journey brings real transformation, which a quick fix could never do.

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