When It Starts To Click

There’s a great moment that occurs when a man starts to come alive to the idea that pursuing his passions; uncovering the Good Heart that God has given him to replace his old one, is the way he gets traction in the journey of freedom from porn addiction.

The other night our Intentional Warriors group met and started a discussion on The Good Heart, as we hit Chapter 8 in Michael John Cusick’s Surfing For God.

The sense of excitement in the room was almost palpable.

Men are making the transition from “i need to make sure i don’t sin,” to “i want to live.” They are beginning to get a taste for what it is they deeply, truly want. When they dig, they see that what they really want is something much more than porn.

It’s a beautiful moment in any man’s life. All the moreso when you are sitting in a room with guys who just several months ago were looking at porn every day or every other day.

It’s starting to click for some of these men. They are getting a taste of freedom. They are getting in touch with the power of passion that is not corrupted by pornography.

This is essential.  Men must know that simply stopping their habit of looking at pornography is only half of the journey. Pursuing health; pursuing redeemed passions; learning _ in some cases for the first time _ what their true desires are, is powerful.

One man said he was a little afraid. i totally understand what he means.

As porn addicts we became experts at taking passion and desire underground.  Letting them come to the surface and bringing them into the light of day can be unnerving.

But when Passion is redeemed, it no longer needs to hide. That’s freedom.

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