Created For Beauty

Andy Crouch, editor at Christianity Today and author of Culture Making and Playing God, has some great thoughts on music, beauty and our design as humans.

At first glance it seems to have nothing at all to do with porn, let alone porn addiction. However, the theme of beauty, and what it means to be designed in the image of God to appreciate and celebrate beauty, are core issues with regard to porn addiction.

Crouch’s statement that “we are created for beauty,” has massive implications.  Beauty is one of several heart-level issues which  porn addicts must understand and recover. All of humanity is, as John Eldredge says, haunted by Eden. Porn addicts all the moreso.

We hunger for beauty. Our hearts crave it.  And porn addicts chase it.  Many times they aren’t aware that beauty is one of the many things they are chasing in their addiction, but it is.

We will always be dissatisfied and unfulfilled if we chase counterfeit beauty, however. Pornography’s power relies on the fact that the counterfeit beauty it presents is actually hard to differentiate, most of the time,  from the authentic beauty God offers.

Sex is beautiful. Our naked bodies, by God’s design, are beautiful, inviting and captivating.

The Evil One always twists what is good and corrupts it, though, as it’s all he can do to strike back and God and God’s imagebearers.

And that’s the root of the counterfeit beauty pornography offers. Make no mistake, we are created for beauty.

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