Time Away

There haven’t been any posts on the blog here for more than a week.

It was simply crucial that i take time away. It was crucial that i unplug.

And in doing so, what refreshment i found.

There is a soul-draining pace that takes over even in the doing of many good things, such as this blog and leading men to purity and freedom. All the more brutal is the toll the world takes on a heart designed for a kingdom so completely different and infinitely better.

Hope must be cultivated. And in that cultivation, the first step is to disentangle it from the unworthy objects and stuff that call out for my hope to be placed in them. They are unworthy of my heart.

Porn is powerful in that it is one of the things that offers a hope of sorts. It is all the more seductive because it actually hints at something divine, in a way that other suitors don’t.  Sexuality holds something of God in it which is markedly different from the lure of the bottle or a drug you inject into your veins.

But porn, like all other counterfeits, is unable to handle the true longing of my heart _ or anyone’s heart.

One of the most helpful things i have come across regarding hope is a series produced by Ransomed Heart called Hoping in the Coming Kingdom.  i highly recommend it. Take some time away and listen, do the exercises and reflect. You will regain your hope.

2 Responses to “Time Away”

    • james tarring cordrey


      thanks for the good wishes. may God also bless you. your link is to the Ransomed Heart podcast, which featured excerpts of the full sessions. The full sessions are available for purchase at Ransomed Heart’s web site, and the whole series is linked to in the body of the blog post.


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