Be The Man

This morning a small but important band of brothers gathered for breakfast — well, coffee and bacon (lots of it) — and the start of a conversation about what it means to Be The Man.

Be The Man is the first get together of men who want to stamp out the demand for human sex trafficking.

What a great time it was to join with my brothers.

Men are the primary customers regarding sex trafficking, so as men it makes sense that we need to be part of solution — a huge part, actually.

To begin, we need to get it settled in our hearts that culturally sex is viewed as a commodity, which perpetuates the horror of sex trafficking. And we have a call to view sex rightly, from God’s perspective.

From there, we need to take inventory of our own relationship with pornography and lust. We need to change our view of women, and become the kinds of men who value them appropriately. Otherwise, we are knowingly, or unknowingly, supporting sex trafficking by approving of the hypersexualization of society through the endorsement of the sexual values found in the world of porn.

It’s long overdue. Be The Man.

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