Quit? Wrong Question

Michael Hyatt had an interesting piece on his blog about what he does when he is tempted to quit.

He asks himself an important question: “Why am i doing this?”

It’s a valuable question.  And he applies it in all phases of his life, as you will find when you read his piece.

i have a similar question i ask myself, one that was born out of the intense struggle to break free from my porn addiction years ago.

When i am tempted to quit, i ask: “What kind of man do i want to be?

This question makes a huge difference for me in all the different situations of my life.  When i am tempted to back off from responsibility. When i am tempted to avoid a tough relational situation. When i am tempted to go back to porn.

The crucial question that comes to my heart is: “What kind of man do i want to be?

i had a moment over the summer in which this question made a significant difference when i was in the middle of a very difficult half-marathon. It was crucial moment. You can read about how that race was a metaphor for the journey of freedom.

4 Responses to “Quit? Wrong Question”

    • james tarring cordrey

      thanks for the comment, rachel. may God bless you on our journey. thanks for reading.


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