The False Narrative

In Wild At Heart, John Eldredge says that we are being lied to all the time about the true nature of reality.

Specifically, he says it this way:

The devil no doubt has a place in our theology, but is he a category we even think about in the daily events of our lives? Has it ever crossed your mind that not every thought that crosses your mind comes from you? We are being lied to all the time. Yet we never stop to say, “Wait a minute . . . who else is speaking here? Where are those ideas coming from? Where are those feelings coming from?” If you read the saints from every age before the Modern Era—that pride-filled age of reason, science, and technology we all were thoroughly educated in—you’ll find that they take the devil very seriously indeed. As Paul says, “We are not unaware of his schemes” (2 Cor. 2:11). But we, the enlightened, have a much more commonsense approach to things. We look for a psychological or physical or even political explanation for every trouble we meet.

In other words, there is constantly around us, and usually screaming in our ears, an untrue story about life. It is a False Narrative.

A False Narrative about life in general; about what is actually true; about ourselves and all of our relationships; and about who God really is.

The False Narrative is powerful, deceptive and very often quite seductive. And we usually don’t even realize when we are taken in by it.

Porn and lust are prime examples of the False Narrative.

Nothing about them is true or good. Nothing about them is connected to where real life is found. Nothing about them helps make me a good man who is engaged in authentic relationships.

Porn and lust take me out of the game entirely. They sidetrack me into a very small, imprisoning story of my own sexual pleasure at the expense of others.

And the more i live in the False Narrative of porn and lust, the less i am able to be part of the True Story unfolding all round me. Captivation by the False Narrative incapacitates me when it comes to taking my place in the Great Drama.

i have begun asking God to expose the False Narrative and show me where it exists in my life that i may break agreement with it and find freedom.

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