Constant, Full Redemption

A friend of mine, Tim, writes a blog and i have recently revisited some of his posts from early 2013.

The idea Tim works with in this series is that God, as the great author of the meta narrative in which we all live, invites us into His story and is offering — as he calls it — “constant redemption.”

The idea is that God is constantly redeeming us and our stories to include us in His.

The starting idea is this:

In the game of soccer, possession of the ball changes, on average, every 15 seconds.  This creates a flow to the game that has no script or routine and that is fun, as a fan, to watch.  However, as a player, possession of the ball is key to controlling a match.  It was imperative to respond with immediate action that would lead to repossession of the ball; redeeming whatever “mistake” was made that lost it.

He goes on to say that all the time we are invited into the redemption God has for us in that moment. God is constantly employing redemption with all of humanity on a continuing basis, Tim says.

Tim says:

Every moment is being redeemed.  So while we may opt out of an invitation in this moment and miss out on the incredible blessing and fulfillment that comes from responding to God’s bidding – not all is lost.  In fact some would argue that God was aware of this and had planned accordingly.

Based on this, Tim says God is constantly qualifying us to be in His story.

Tim adds:

The next time you feel that you have disqualified yourself from this grand narrative – remember that God’s story is constantly changing because redemption is in the author’s DNA.

i am still working with his thoughts and considering what i think about them.  i have approached the idea of the long journey of recovery and healing with the attitude that a war is made up of many battles. And i used a similar approach to Tim’s, albeit using different language; and i blogged about it using tennis as an example of this.

Could Tim’s perspective be an encouragement for those of us working  through healing and recovery with regard to addiction?

It is very easy to have an episode of sin; to really screw up, and feel that we have completely failed and been disqualified.  If, however, there is something to this idea of constant redemption, then perhaps that helps us — as those on a journey of healing and recovery — from giving in to the thought that we are no longer qualified for whatever part we have in God’s narrative.

If constant redemption, as Tim has expressed it, is really just another way to think about God’s unlimited Grace to us, then we may be heartened and encouraged.

2 Responses to “Constant, Full Redemption”

  1. jsfry

    We can never put ourselves outside of God’s metanarrative once we come into in through redemption. From the land of football – nicely put.

    All God’s best for the New Year and may He bless each post to your hearers’ ears.



    • james tarring cordrey

      thanks for reading, Jeff. God bless you in this new year.


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