Rage Spiral

According to Entertainment Weekly, things got heated during a panel discussion at the Television Critics’ Association press tour involving the producers and performers in HBO’s series Girls. The issue was nudity. The story is here.

Apparently, there’s quite a bit of it on the show.  i have never seen it, so i cannot speak from experience.

A reporter asked about why there is so much nudity on the show. That alone, in our time, is a surprising question.

What’s even better, though, are the reactions of the show’s two executive producers, Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner.

Apatow told the reporter that the question was “offensive,” “sexist,” “misogynistic,” and “very offensive.”

The story then includes this from Konner:

“I literally was spacing out because I’m in such a rage spiral about that guy,” she said pointing to the question-asker. “I was just looking at him looking at him and going into this rage [over] this idea that you would talk to a woman like that and accuse a woman of showing her body too much. The idea it just makes me sort of sick.”

Rage Spiral? Brilliant.

2 Responses to “Rage Spiral”

  1. Jen

    While your articles are really good and I would love to share them with my husband while he battles to live with integrity and we are fighting for our marriage, I cannot because of the ads you have with women in lingerie. It’s disappointing.

    • james tarring cordrey


      thanks for reading and wanting to share the articles on the site with others. i was unaware that ads were running on the site, and the thought that lingerie ads would be running on the site is all the more upsetting.

      i have investigated the situation and ads will no longer be running on the site. thanks for pointing this out to me. i hope you can now share the articles on the site with confidence.

      with gratitude,


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