Including Your Wife In Recovery

Breaking Free, the blog of Covenant Eyes, had this great piece on how addicts need to care for their wives and include them in the healing process.

It’s a bit long, but everything in this article is spot on.

So many times i have talked with men who are resentful that their wives want to know about the recovery process.  These men hide behind the false premise that the group is confidential; therefore, that means they cannot say anything about what happens there.


There is so much you can tell your wife about a recovery group that in no way implicates other people or breaches confidentiality. And, as the  article mentions, now that you have dragged your wife into your addiction — and your recovery — she has every right to know about the specifics of how you are healing.

In fact, because addiction thrives in secrecy, an addict needs to practice more transparency by sharing this with his wife.

Recovery is crucial. Recovery that neglects your marriage in the process isn’t actually recovery. It’s simply an extension of the marital problems that are part of the many reasons you turned to your addiction in the first place.

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