Sex Addiction? Clarification

In response to my post Sex Addiction?, in which i endorsed the article by Rob Weiss, Scott asks:

Do you agree with this assertion in his first point? “Homosexuality, bisexuality, recreational porn use, casual sex, and fetishes – all of which are well within the spectrum of normal and healthy adult sexual behaviors – have all been misdiagnosed as sex addiction by these misguided clinicians.”

i should have been more thorough with a clarification.

So here it is:

no. i should have been more thorough in mentioning that i don’t agree with Weiss on each point he makes. i am in agreement with him as it relates to how he explains sexual addiction to its detractors.

i think that despite the fact that i don’t line up with Weiss, or plenty of others, on some very particular points, it is worth promoting a piece like the one Weiss wrote because on the general issue of addiction, he has good things to say.


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