If nothing has changed in your addictive pattern with pornography and lust, you have to ask yourself some questions.  And you have to have a measure of sober-mindedness about your situation.

Once you realize you have an addiction, it’s time to make changes in your patterns. If you make no changes, then nothing changes.

So ask yourself the first question: “What am i going to do differently in my daily life so i can break the cycle of addiction?

If you can’t think that clearly, that’s where friends or a counselor fit in.

The second question builds on the first: “How far am i willing to go in making changes in order to put myself in the right position to change?

There will always be excuses.  There will always be reasons why some action you might take in pursuit of purity is too inconvenient. Those are just excuses. Anybody can find a reason to not do the thing that is somewhat — or very — difficult.

But that’s why the second question is crucial. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get free.

Don’t play at it. Don’t talk at length about it.

Stop talking and start doing.

Many men have all the knowledge and tools they need at their disposal. What they lack is the Will to act.

Wishing you will someday be free from porn’s hold will never get you free from porn’s hold. Pursuing freedom will.

For me, one of the things that gave me a great kick in the pants and gave birth to the will to fight for freedom was the anger and devastation i saw  in my wife. And her absolute disdain for me, from which she never shielded me, cut through my lame excuses and forced me to deal with it.

If you are not changing, take inventory.  If it comes down to not knowing what to do to even start the process, that’s one thing.

But if you have a couple good thoughts about what you ought to do and you’re still not changing, that’s something else altogether.


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