How Much Is Cleavage Worth?

My wife and i were talking about this NY Times story on saline injections that provide temporary breast enhancement that lasts for just 24 hours.

These injections seem to me to only make matters worse for everyone. The whole effect is going to fade rather quickly. Then what is the woman left with?

Judging from the article, it appears that getting the enhancement makes women feel pretty great from a sexually alluring point of view. And we all know men will respond favorably to the change.

But it only lasts 24 hours.

Isn’t the let down, both physically and even moreso — emotionally — going to be a serious bummer?

Oh, and this isn’t cheap either.  The injection costs $3,500.

The kicker at the end of the story is that the woman who was interviewed by the reporter admitted that despite the fact that she got the temporary injections because she was going on a tropical vacation with her boyfriend, the relationship ended shortly after the trip was over.

i think our enchantment with cleavage has reached a point of ridiculousness.


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