What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Fight the New Drug, which is doing some awesome work, recently published information related to the 2014 year in review for PornHub, one of the largest sites in the web.

The article is here.

A graphic of the stats shows this:


Fight the New Drug goes on to describe the most common word used in the comments section at PornHub is “Love.” And what a great irony that is.

Of course, “Love” is totally other than anything you would ever get at a porn site. Fight the New Drug elaborates on that very well.

Another statistic caught my eye: 78.9 billion videos viewed. 11 videos viewed for every person on earth.

When we consider that in truth, it’s not really 11 videos per person being viewed — because large numbers of the population cannot actually watch it.  That is, infants, toddlers, and others who either don’t have access to the internet, or wouldn’t be able to access it without direct parental help are not watching these videos.

So we have a lot of people consuming a lot of porn.

If we were using these statistics to describe consumption of a substance, whether it were soda, cigarettes, alcohol or whatever, everyone would say this is an epidemic and there’s no way it can be good for us — as a culture — to “ingest” this.



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