Getting Intentional: Dangerous?

Is God Actually Dangerous?

The idea that God is Dangerous is hard to ponder in some ways because Christianity has been tamed. In Erwin McManus’ words, for many of us, Christianity is really about nothing more than being a good person (The Barbarian Way, p. 65).

If God had come to establish a morality club, then being good would be the right focus for us.  But the story God is writing is much different.

In the spiritual realm, God’s goodness and holiness are juxtaposed against the reality of a fallen world in which, like Narnia, a real enemy exists. As John tells us, the whole world lies in the power of the Evil One (1 John 5:19).

So when we think of what’s at stake, God had better be Dangerous. We need Him to be.

Getting Intentional is excerpted from Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society. Get your copy today.

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