Tilling The Good Soil

i had the opportunity to talk at length with Morgan Snyder last December when i was in Colorado. It was a great conversation.

Morgan’s blog, Become Good Soil, is always thought provoking and heart stirring. This recent post is no exception.

Morgan talks about the interpretive grid we use to understand life. i can say that the adjustments i have made to the way i interpret life has made all the difference in how i  live.  It has made all the difference in how i relate to others as well.

Read what Morgan has to say, it’s worth it.


2 Responses to “Tilling The Good Soil”

  1. Brian Boswell

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, though I’m not sure I understand this “interpretative grid.” I’d like to see it unpacked more so I can better grasp how to reevaluate my outlook on life.

    • james tarring cordrey

      Brian, a longer conversation is in order to fully unpack it. but a short-hand way of thinking about it is this: an “interpretive grid” is the means by which we understand the context of our lives. so it starts with questions about the kind of world we are living in; the spiritual and physical realities of the world we are living in; and so on.


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