Change. But How?

Change. So valuable, yet so elusive.

Perhaps it is so elusive because of its value.

Change, for most of us, rarely comes easily. Whether it’s losing weight; saving money; mending a relationship that is hanging on by a thread; or anything else that requires us to do things differently, Change requires serious effort.

As men dealing with addictive patterns regarding lust and pornography, Change is definitely something we are hungry for.

Change is at the core of our conversations; it’s a driving force in our times of prayer together; and it’s at the heart of our confession with one another.

i recently discovered this gem from Sam Jolman, writing for the current issue of And Sons Magazine.

i love how Sam talks about the attitude that surrounds Change; the grace at the heart of it; and the freedom that it breeds.

Among the many things to like in Sam’s piece is this:

We’ve passed through Resolution season and we are now well into Blow-Your-Resolution season. And maybe there’s something really good about that. We probably didn’t have the right motives anyway. I dare say most of these resolutions lacked the one ingredient we all need to change.

Kindness. Self-compassion. Yep, that’s the only way you can change. We all need a baseline level of kindness for ourselves before we change in order to change. Because no one changes in a continuous straight upward path.

Have a look. It’s very refreshing.

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