Getting Intentional: Below The Waterline

The Tip Of The Iceberg

As every addict learns at some point, the actual behavior of the addiction: looking at pornography; getting drunk; shooting drugs; and so on, is just the tip of the iceberg. Scientists tell us that the part of the iceberg that we can see, above the waterline, is only 10 percent of the actual iceberg.

Likewise, the addictive behavior is a manifestation of deeper issues which drive the habit.

Every addict is attempting to medicate some pain through the specific indulgence. Every addict is struggling with a loss of heart and a feeling of powerlessness. The issues below the waterline are legion.

To dive below the waterline takes the courage of the warrior and the willingness to risk discovering what’s down there. We must be intentional.

Exploration below the waterline is dangerous and risky. In Christ we need to embrace that danger. Doing so will empower us in multiple ways.

Getting Intentional is excerpted from Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society. Get your copy today.

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