Getting Intentional: No Magic Bullet

Healing Requires Work


The magic bullet theory is really attractive. Before my Confession i often wished for one. But God is concerned with healing our hearts, and quick fixes that “zap” the problem can’t do that for us.

i became a believer in the journey and the process of healing in the years following my Confession.

It’s hard work, make no mistake. Getting out of bed each morning and praying for God to change me; then trying to live according to the path He was opening up before me; and struggling along the way to deal with my thoughts and temptations was exhausting. i had to face my hypocrisy. i had to face the pain my sin had caused my wife. i had to wrestle with the fact that i had so developed a pornographic mind that anything could trigger my desire to run back to it.

One time i was reading a story in the newspaper and the dateline read: MIAMI. The story was not about anything the least bit sexual, but i immediately got thinking about videos i had seen, or stories i had heard about what sorts of things go on in South Beach.

That’s the degree of perversion i was dealing with.

In that moment, as in countless others like it, i had to actively pray to God for strength, and i had to renounce the thoughts in my head. God gave me so much strength and mercy in those situations, but they were still situations i had to walk through.

There was no magic bullet.

Getting Intentional is excerpted from Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society. Get your copy today.

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