The Graffiti On Your Soul

If your soul were a vacant wall, what graffiti would you write there?

What words? What images? Would you dare?

How would you even decide what to paint on that wall?

Would you paint what you eagerly want to be true of yourself, or would you paint the brutal truth of how it really is deep down in your heart?

Either way, it would be a vulnerable thing to do.

Huevos required.

We live in this broken world and we deal with pain and disappointment as well joy and satisfaction. Along the way we are wounded.  Sometimes we are also rescued.

All sorts of things can get written on our souls.

Addicts know this well, and they experience it mostly in the negative. At least that’s the assumption we make, and often it’s the way we see ourselves.

Sometimes what is written on our souls seems clear for all the world to see, like a word painted on a wall that anyone can read. For good or for ill. But rather than simply being a word on a wall, anonymously written, it seems like a label or a curse or an indictment.

The town where i live normally has no graffiti on its walls, yet one day i happened down an alleyway and saw a single word spray painted: “Bent,” with the “N” reversed.

i checked that alley a couple of days later and the wall was scrubbed clean.

i imagine there’s a parable in there somewhere.

What graffiti do you want scrubbed clean, and what graffiti would you long to write on the wall of your soul?

What if what you eagerly want to be true of yourself, your deepest hope and desire for yourself, actually mirrored the reality of how it is deep down in your heart? What if?

To get to that point we have to take a journey. We have to venture into our wounds that we might be healed of our brokenness and become the men we long to be.

Huevos required.

The journey of becoming an authentic man, a man who is growing in health and wholeness, is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those who despise or neglect the heart.

Our hearts are the greatest treasure we have and they are the mightiest weapon we ever fight with. We need our hearts. We need them to be cleansed and made new.

This is the simple cry of King David.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

To live from that place, where God has purified our hearts and renewed our spirits, is to live as the men we want to be. How it really is deep in our hearts starts to look more and more like what we eagerly want to be true of ourselves.

What is the graffiti on your soul? What do you eagerly want to write there?

Huevos required.


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