The Pure Man Conference


Back in August i had the chance to speak at a conference called Pure Man, which was produced by BRVHeart, the anti-human trafficking task force at Blue Route Vineyard. The other main speaker at the conference was Christian Lenty, founder and director of the MST Project in Thailand.

Christian works with men who frequent the Red Light District in Bangkok. He engages them in conversation and offers mentoring to them in order to lead them away from purchasing sex.

Dave Wiedis, the leader of Serving Leaders Ministries, gave a brief talk on soul care for leaders.

Dave is a counselor who founded Serving Leaders to care for ministry leaders and their families so they can stay emotionally and spiritually healthy.

My talk was about the importance of knowing a person’s story in order to engage in the real issues that drive porn use and the purchase of sex.

My talk, contained in the video below, begins after a 17-minute introduction that kicked off the conference.


Christian’s talk is here:


Bonus material from Dave Wiedis.

It was a great pleasure to be part of the conference and to connect with allies. Many thanks to BRVHeart, Blue Route Vineyard, Christian, and Dave for making the conference a success.


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