Hi, i’m James Tarring Cordrey, author and founder of Intentional Warriors.

Intentional Warriors is a movement of men fighting for free hearts in the midst of a sexually saturated society. My book, Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society, tells the story of my journey to freedom from a 12-year addiction to pornography. It also digs into the realities that all men must face in order to deal with their own porn and lust issues.

i started this movement because i know there are many men who need to take that same journey of freedom.  And the only way to experience a lasting change is to embrace your true nature as a warrior and to become intentional about fighting for a free heart.

i train men to be Intentional Warriors by leading them in finding their identity in God; teaching them how to live as authentic men in a brotherhood of like-minded men; and showing them a new path to walk.

In 2009, my wife Carolyn and i told the story of how God saved our marriage. You can hear that story by listening to A Marriage Transformed.

We have also been interviewed by Breaking Free, the blog of Covenant Eyes — a blog for which i write occasionally.

i am pleased and honored to have been endorsed by Michael John Cusick and Nate Larkin — men whom i respect in the world of men’s ministry and from whom i have learned a great deal. You can read what they have to say about Intentional Warriors here.


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