Becoming A King

Morgan Snyder has written his first book titled Becoming A King, and it is excellent.

Moreover, it’s timing is perfect.

For anyone familiar with Morgan from his work with Ransomed Heart, it will come as no surprise that his book is written with depth, kindness, and love as he invites his readers to find the lost treasure of redeemed masculinity.

Morgan achieves such a beautiful balance in this book: inviting men into active lives and the embrace of leadership, while simultaneously calling them to an appropriate hiddenness needed for the deeper work of the heart to take place.

Becoming A King is prophetic in that it speaks crucial and, in some ways, alien words of genuine wisdom to us as it challenges the age in which we live. Morgan manages to do so even as he humbly admits his real struggles. As I read the book I could see myself,  but I could do so with the kindness needed to push in farther to all of the wholeheartedness he was inviting me to pursue.

Much like John Eldredge’s seminal work Wild at Heart, Morgan’s Becoming A King taps a deep vein of masculine initiation, and does so in a way that uniquely opens the heart to the authentic expression of what it means to be who you truly are as God’s dearly loved son.

The brilliance of this book is that it speaks to all men regardless of what decade of their lives they are in.

Furthermore, this book is very well crafted, no doubt as a result of Morgan’s own work of becoming.  One of the great blessings he offers, as does the entire team at Ransomed Heart, is that Morgan does not speak of things beyond that which he has lived. Not only is that rare, it is a breath of life. 

Even when Morgan writes about inconvenient truths, he does so with such goodness and grace that you are invited to linger and then press in because he is describing the deep life for which you long. 

Becoming A King is a gateway to living freely and lightly as you learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

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