The Addict v. The WarriorPoet

What is the relationship between addicts and WarriorPoets?

Addicts and WarriorPoets occupy opposite ends of the spectrum of authentic masculinity. Addicts are not WarriorPoets, and are not, in fact, authentic men. Regardless of how a man may appear to the world, striking a pose of masculinity, strength and confidence, if he is addicted it is all a sham.

The addiction doesn’t have to be pornography, but if it is, all the larger is the chasm between false masculinity and authentic masculinity.

The list of four things that we as WarriorPoets pursue_

  1. True Identity _ We are made in God’s image.
  2. Authenticity _ No pretending. Ever.
  3. Reliance on Christ _ He alone is life.
  4. Risk _ Renounce passivity. Recover your voice.

_ are directly related to transformation and rejection of addiction.  The addict does not practice any of these four pillars. And it is because a man has lost his understanding of who he is as a being made in God’s image that he runs to his addiction in the first place.

The addict is not authentic, he pretends to be someone he isn’t; he avoids real life; and he hides the truth. The addict is not relying on Christ for life. In fact, all addiction is our twisted attempt to find life in some form of pleasure, apart from God. And as for Risk, the only risks taken by the addict is the foolish kind meant to further his indulgence.

But what great news for all of us addicts that there is such a thing as a WarriorPoet. Even more, how great that our true identity as men is to be, by God’s grace, conformed to the likeness of Christ, the Pre-eminent WarriorPoet to walk the earth.

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