Randy Alcorn On Covenant Eyes

i am not that familiar with Randy Alcorn, but in this brief video segment posted on the Covenant Eyes blog Breaking Free, he is spot on.

He gets right to the heart of the matter, challenging any naivete that might linger. i have been surprised over the years at the ignorance of many parents, Christians and non-Christians when it comes to their kids’ access to porn.

But also, as Randy mentions in the video, the subtle ways in which pornography culture, or at the very least, a lust-inducing culture, invades our world of entertainment and sports.

Randy mentions that when the cheerleaders at a football game, or the dance team comes on the floor at a basketball game, fathers need to lead by example and look away. At the same time, they need to instruct their sons to look away, and explain why.

But i have been in situation after situation where the fathers of 8,9,10-year-old boys actually celebrated the fact that the dance team was there to enjoy as eyecandy.

This is something all of us as fathers need to get settled. We must turn the channel when the dancers come on television. Let’s protect our sons and daughters from our pornified culture.

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