The Life That Is Truly Life

There is a passage in the New Testament in which the Apostle Paul urges his protege Timothy to teach others so that they may “take hold of the life that is truly life.” (I Timothy 6:19)

What a great phrase:  The life that is truly life.

Addiction is always about a search for life.

What is the life that is truly life? Is it going to be found in a porn shop?

In the moment of indulgence, it may seem to be found there. But quickly it will be revealed you have been duped by a counterfeit. There is nothing in the world of porn which is truly life. The entire realm is predicated on twisting legitimately healthy desires into self-serving demands for pleasure.

Sexuality, meant to bring a husband and wife together with a unique bond of strength and intimacy, becomes — in the world of pornography — a commodity which is bought and sold; often to attain power over others.

Pornography is born out of a greed.

That phrase — the life that is truly life — underscores the heart of the quest. The deeper issue for every addict when he is looking to get his “fix,” is Life. The motivation for all those who want to live free from their addictions is also about leaving behind what seems to bring Life, for grabbing hold of what is Truly Life.

But again, what is the Life that is Truly Life?

For starters, how about this:  The Life that is Truly Life involves relationships that are marked by honesty and real acceptance; Freedom from fear of being discovered as a hypocrite because you are in your private moments who you tell others you are in your public moments; and connection to the Creative Genius of the Universe, whose image you bear.

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