Waiting For The Sheen To Wear Off

Charlie Sheen is troubled. The trouble is, he keeps acting publicly as though he isn’t troubled.

But more troubling than this is the celebration that has sprung up surrounding him.

According to reports, Sheen has picked up 600,000 new followers on Twitter since yesterday.

And one fan, which reports claim is P. Diddy, says he wants to party with Sheen.

Moreover, did ABC need to devote an entire hour to this last night?

My heart actually goes out to Charlie. i have known guys like him but with much less money.  You could argue that i was just like him at one time, minus the money and the drugs.

And i was just like all those people who now want to follow his every move. The porn lifestyle drew me in so strongly. But when it crashes, it’s time to stop attempting to create your own reality and face the destruction you have wrought.

The theater surrounding the situation glories in Sheen’s warped behavior. How tragic.

There are two poles represented in the reaction to Sheen’s behavior: Those who celebrate his indulgence and self-destruction, and those who would hold themselves out as superior and hurl condemnation on him.

Both groups miss the point. A changed Charlie Sheen would be the best possible Charlie Sheen.

Men who have seen deep healing in their lives and freedom from Pornography, are changed men. And it could happen for Charlie Sheen — but it won’t at this rate.

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