50 Shades Of Let’s Get Serious


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Joel J. Miller is the publisher at Thomas Nelson.

Here are some of his thoughts on the runaway hit 50 Shades of Grey.

In a previous post here on my blog i asked for people to weigh in on whether 50 Shades is different from pornography.  i didn’t get any responses.

My initial thought remains this:  50 Shades is pornography packaged for a specific audience, namely, women.  That said, if women are reading it _ particularly Christian women _ what i am truly interested in is dialogue, not diatribe.

For example, what is driving the popularity of this? Why are women in general, and Christian women in particular, approving of 50 Shades?

Just like when men view porn, the issue that is most important is not the consumption itself; rather, it is the reason underlying the consumption.

At the same time, Miller raises the point of personal holiness and pursuing the proper standard as Christians. This is something that Christians should be talking about.

2 Responses to “50 Shades Of Let’s Get Serious”

  1. Diana fka Desi Foxx

    You hit the real question above. Why are women doing the things are they are doing these days? Women are changing and not for the better. In their quest to have equality, they have chosen to mimic the bad behaviors of males instead of the good.

    Acting like a misogynistic male does not make a female an equal except in the destruction of mankind. We need mothers being good mothers again!!

  2. Diana fka Desi Foxx

    Addiction and extreme behaviors are symptoms so we must look to why these phenomenons are happening. Your post is exactly correct. Why are our women falling into such unhealthy, self destructive behavior and misogynistic ways?

    Our mothers are also no longer protecting their young. The children are all alone in their upbringing. There’s something terribly wrong when that happens!!


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