Passion Redeemed

We do ourselves a disservice when we attempt to kill Passion as the solution to dealing with our lustfulness.

It’s a tempting response, but ultimately it backfires and creates a bigger problem than what we had in the first place.

Far better for us to redeem Passion; to reclaim it and cleanse it from the corruption of the world so that it can be healthy and God-honoring.

Because, without question, we cannot live without Passion. It either gets well directed, or it goes into dark places. But there is no way around it:  Passion is core to who we are. This is not simply true of Passion in a sexual sense; Passion is much more than that.

Passion is all about Jesus. He defines it for us properly in the way He lived His life.

Jesus demonstrated extreme and compelling zeal, as well as drive, to pursue His mission. That’s Passion.

Jesus loved humanity and gave His life to redeem us. That’s Passion. Jesus suffered and bled for His mission. That’s Passion.

And we, as imagebearers of God, are called to be Passionate. We see it in King David, who worshipped before the Lord with all his might. Flaws and all, David was Passionate, and more often than not his Passion was properly directed.

One of the reasons Passion gets twisted is because it gets confused with lust and there are very few things in life that seem to come close to the high-level Passion we see in Jesus’ life.  The “passions” of the world leave us empty because they are so much less than what God intends for us. Porn has much power because the intensity of the experience feels like the high-octane version of Passion our souls need, but that quickly fades away and we are again disappointed.

We must find our Passion in the fulness of Christ, the glory of God’s Kingdom and our place in His story of redeeming all things to Himself.  Those are the only things big enough and broad enough for the intense Passion that stirs deep within our hearts.

That is Passion Redeemed.

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